Magnetic & Writing Boards

Reversible board for magnets or drawing,
100 magnetic pieces of animals, insects, trees and people


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Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzles – Magnetic Drawing Board for kids

Magnetic Drawing Board is a Lovely Versatile Toy – Overall a wooden box with a reversible lid. Indeed the lid is with a whiteboard side for supplied watercolor pens to draw. Write and make notes and a blackboard side for chalk drawing altogether! The white side is magnetic and the magnetic jigsaw puzzles will fit on it.




Magnetic Drawing Board | Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzles

Colorful Wooden Magnetic Puzzle Jigsaw – 100 special magnetic pieces that can be used on the whiteboard. They feature animals, plants, and all manner of objects. Helps develop your child’s cognition of animals and body parts: head, body, tail, feet, etc and develop pattern recognition and how to distinguish between categories: animals, plants, etc. Magnetic Drawing Board

Description shorts:

  • There is a protective film on this board that must be removed before use.
  • Includes a dry-erase marker with a cap end eraser, a three-piece chalk set, a chalk eraser, and an Idea booklet for organizing shapes
  • Double-sided artboard, both white dry erase and black chalkboard. colors more than 100 wooden pieces of different themed animals with magnetic base
  • The wooden box lid is designed with a removable gasket that can be placed on the box
  • Ideal for travel, it is best to lock the gasket in place via a rubber band. Box size 11.8 * 9.4 * 1.5 inches. containing many small parts, it is recommended 3 years up to


We all are aware of the fact that children love to play. So, every parent always tries to give the best toys to their child. The Wooden Magnetic Drawing Board Puzzle is the best-selling gift of the year for young children, as it merges creativity, problem-solving, art, and fun all into one amazing gift!’

With this Wooden Magnetic Puzzle Drawing Board, your child can solve puzzles, create drawings, and experiment with using ink, chalk;



Double-sided easel with one side drawing board, one side blackboard

Easy to storage

Chalk, Ink Pen, Eraser, and Manual

5 styles to choose from

Many pieces to play with



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Magnetic & Writing Boards


Out of stock