Calculation Matching Board

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Calculation Matching Board – educational game

Learn maths with this fun and exciting Calculation Matching Board. With number tiles and 15 cards with 83 exercises on 6 different levels of difficulty. Encourages children to learn to count, add, subtract and multiply in a fun and entertaining way. Also, an educational game. The math toy specially designed self-correcting tiles. So it ensures that children can practice independently. Stored in a handy carry case. Suitable for ages 4 and up.



Calculation Matching Board | educational game | math toy


Features of Calculation Matching Board:

  • Help your child to learn maths with this fun and exciting set, with 83 exercises on 15 cards with number tiles
  • Encourage your child to learn to count, add, subtract and multiply in a fun and entertaining way. To learn sums and expand their numerical knowledge
  • Each number tile will allow your child to ‘self-correct’, due to the color and special back of the tiles which will only fit in the right place
  • Compatible with the National Curriculum. Ideal for travel, all cards can be neatly packed away in the handy carry case
  • Designed for children from 4 years. 


The Calculation Matching Board contains some geoboard sheets with animals and shapes so that children get an idea of ​​what they can do with them. This will help them recognize the possibilities of such a simple toy and later they can create their own shapes and designs.

Excellent for developing fine motor skills, concentration and creativity. As the child grows older, this can be used to create complex patterns so the use is long-term. Exploration of geometric concepts such as the extent, area, and properties of triangles and other polygons.


Multifunctional math toy

Blackboard and chalk for free writing/drawing. Wooden puzzle piece for counting and learning numbers, stacking blocks for good learning colors. It can be used as a teaching tool for home teaching or early childhood development. Help children understand addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication more easily. Calculation Matching Board.

Colorful design for time learning

Bright colored stacking blocks and numbers promote children’s visual acuity and can attract babies’ attention. The baby can learn to recognize different colors and the perception of a rich and colorful world. Calculation Matching Board


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Calculation Matching Board


Out of stock