Intelligence Stick Box

Great educational value-
This wooden “calculator” helps teach math skills


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Wooden Blocks – Intelligence Stick Blocks

Intelligence Stick Blocks and Sticks. Baby Toy – Educational Number Counting Maths Sticks. Children’s Counting Games Number Rods. Wooden Blocks Counting Intelligence Stick and Baby Toy.




    Intelligence Stick Blocks | Baby Toy



    Intelligence Stick Blocks are 100% brand new and high quality.

    Calculation blocks and rods design not only attract the interest of your children. But also improve the intelligence of children.
    Undoubtedly, Wooden design is environmentally friendly and won’t harm your child.
    Colorized surface fits the preferences of children. Vivid colors deepen babies’ recognition of colors. It can cultivate a baby’s operating and thinking ability.

    Let babies learn and grow up in the process of playing wooden numbers.

    0-1-year-old babies: Teach him/her to learn to recognize and distinguish colors.

    1-2 years old babies: Teach them to learn to count how many colors are there.

    2-3 years old babies: They already have the concept of number and quantity.


    You can teach baby basic math operations, for example, addition and subtraction.

    More than 3 years old babies: You can teach baby division and multiplication certainly. To start from simple, they slowly learn to do. Babies are very smart. Also, through digital basic operations to help the baby. Indeed to enhance math skills, exercise logical thinking. From Intelligence Stick Blocks.


    Let your baby know red, yellow, blue, green, 4 colors by the color perception of the world and objects.

    With digital basis by the shape and operation and more. Enhance your baby’s shape and space integrated operation ability, creativity, and analytical.


    More about Intelligence Stick Blocks:

    • Wooden math game sticks toy. Especially suitable for kids above 3 years old. Let kids learn math and clock in a fun way. Also, improve their interest in learning.
    • Can be used as intelligence math manipulatives in Montessori school. Moreover, Homeschooling, or early childhood enlightenment altogether. A great preschool educational toy for kids.
    • So Aims at teaching the concepts of colors and numbers. Eye and hand coordination, developing kids’ intelligence, and practical manual ability.



    • Toy Category: Educational Toys & Games
    • Targeted Group: Unisex
    • Manufacturer Recommended Age : 3 – 6 Years
    • Age : 3 Years
    • Brand: Intelligence Stick


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    Intelligence Stick Box


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