Animals Knob Puzzle



Uses durable European plywoods 


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Animals Knob Puzzle – Wooden jigsaw

We believe that every child has a talent and all we can do is to help them develop it. Also, Wooden Animals Knob Puzzle can last forever. Not only in the memories of your kids but also in their hands! Indeed, wooden toy Jigsaw is the right choise.




The Importance of Animals Knob Puzzle - Empowered Parents | Animals Knob Puzzle | wooden toy | jigsaw



  • Educational big knob, one-piece Animals Knob Puzzle: Each box contains 1 wooden tray and 5 knobbed puzzle pictures too.
  • Sure to attract children above 2 Years: Suitable for Age 2 and above.
  • Enjoy learning: Puzzles improve problem-solving ability, observation and concentration. Moreover, It also develops finger muscles, hand-eye coordination. Also enables environmental awareness.
  • Multiple skill enhancement: Enables Intellectual development, social skill development, sensorial development, and Motor skill development altogether.
  • Safe and sturdy make: Made with high-quality plywood. So smoothed edges for safety.
  • Supports special needs: Suggested for children having Down Syndrome, Autism, or any Learning Disability as prescribed by your therapist.
  • Right of all: Certainly Gender Neutral toy to encourage learning for all.


EDUCATIONAL: we reinvent wooden Animals Knob Puzzle in cooperation with teachers. With the aim to maximize the learning benefits of the products. Our toys are engaging and fun. No more boring wooden toys from the previous century.

DURABLE: beautiful designs are printed in high resolution with modern equipment that provides high durability of images. The paints are water and scratch-resistant.


Puzzles Set for Kids Early Development & Learning with Matching Game

  • EASY TO PLAY PRESCHOOL PUZZLES: our images do not dim over time due to direct printing on the wood; Colorful images under each wooden puzzle shape will give educational insights for kids during a simple play and develop logical thinking.


Manually polished wood to experience ONLY the JOY when Your KID plays!

  • Animals Knob Puzzle is for Fun individual and group play.
  • Perfect game for preschoolers
  • Smooth surface without sharp edges
  • Safe for toddlers age 1 2 3 4 years old
  • Birthday New Year Christmas Gift for a boy and girl


This Wooden Toy Set is perfect for improving fine motor skills, eye-to-hand coordination, associative thinking. Quokka puzzles will help to learn basic information through the touch and experience inspiring emotions with simple games.



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Animals Knob Puzzle