Real Water Kitchen Set


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Kids Kitchen Set with Real Water

This Kids Kitchen Set from HOMCOM is perfect for boys and girls who like to pretend! A complete set of accessories is included with this kid’s kitchen altogether. So that your children can cook like a real chef and learn to develop their fine motor. Cognitive, and counting skills while playing indeed. This kid’s kitchen playset has a simulated design. Such as the equipped water circulation, spray function makes the kids’ experience more realistic. Indeed The cooker hood has realistic light, sound, and music functions. Also the Coolest Cooking Set and Role Playset altogether.





Real Water | Kids Kitchen Set | Role Playset |




Product size: 52 * 26 * 14cm
Product battery: 3 No.5 batteries (self-purchase required)


DIY assembly, electric sound effect lighting, hand pressure can water, intelligence development, hands, brain, hand coordination, parent-child communication, other skills, interest cultivation, interactive toys-Kids Kitchen Set – Role Playset



These kids play kitchen lets children develop their intelligence. Exercise their hand-eye coordination. Use their imagination and creativity while experiencing the fun of games, and cultivate children’s sense of cleanliness.



Kids Kitchen Set is a pretend cooker. Hood and electric stove feature realistic electronic lights and sounds. The spray will come out from the stove while kids play with this kitchen set toy. (Water should be injected from the injection port in advance). Meat, the fish, shrimp in the pot, will change color.

The sink has a real water function and can be recycled. The lower oven and refrigerator are openable for storage. The kitchen toys for kids come with a handwritten menu board. Where kids and parents can write messages.


Intelligence Development

Fully develop your children’s left and right brains. To improve their intellectual level in an interesting way. Cooking Set


Helps your children experience different identities. Cultivates their worldview, and gives them a richer life. Kids Kitchen Set

Rich in Color

A variety of colors can well arouse your children’s interests. Moreover helpful for them staying and playing longer.


Made of 100% safe materiel with a smooth surface. Takes good care of your baby’s health. Gives both of you and your kids a reassuring experience.



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Real Water Kitchen Set