Magic Pad for writing

  • Press the Button to Make Your Art Glow Super Bright
  • Unique, Crystal Clear Screen – Trace Your Favorite Designs
  • Reusable- Just Wipe Clean and Do It All Over Again
  • Makes Learning Fun – Great for Spelling, Math & Reading. Great at Home and for Travel – Portable Design


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LED writing screen – Magic pad

Magic Pad looks like a clear screen that you can see right through, set in a frame. But as you draw on Magic Pad, the lines and shapes glow with LED light, like magic! Thanks to Magic Pad’s ‘alumni-screen science’ that turns your drawings into glowing, colorful light, you can add the dimension of color and light to the simplest doodles and designs. PLUS, you can change the colors or even make them flash at the press of a button! Making art that glows is a great way to have fun passing the time but Magic Pad is also a really useful learning tool, supplied with 30 or 42 pre-drawn stencils that you can slide in and trace over with lines of the LED writing screen. You can play games, draw using this drawing pad.




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Sparks creativity

All kids love to create things, but it needs to be fun and interesting. Paint and pencils are messy and permanent, but Magic Pad lets them create lights with every line! Having their drawings glowing on drawing pad. adds a whole new dimension to their creations and lets them learn while they play. Why not have them draw a night light that actually glows in the dark while they sleep? How about leaving a fun, illuminated note for them on their Pad when you’re out? With Magic Pad anyone, young or old, can take their creative spark to a new level.


Makes learning fun

Always fun to use and that makes learning on it so much easier and more enjoyable. That’s why we’ve included maths and writing exercises among the 30 stencils (Original) or 42 stencils (Mega) that let your child practice their writing and number skills without the need for a pad and pen. They can answer sums, practice letters, and play puzzles and games like ‘noughts and crosses, and all on their Magic Pad, and if they get it wrong, just wipe it out and try again!




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Magic Pad for writing