Re-Chargeable Flying Helicopter

  • USB charging makes it more convenient to use
  • Made of the high-grade material
  • The product will automatically take off after starting up 3 seconds
  • ON/OFF Remote
  • Sensor Aircraft


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 RC Helicopter for Kids

Imagine how happy your child seeing the  RC Helicopter! What’s more exciting is your kid flies the helicopter by himself! This helicopter is easy to learn how to control remote control. You can fly it up and down, forward and backward, turn left and right, and hover in the air. The LED lights would flash while flying, you can easily locate it on dark nights. RC Helicopter/ RC Toy.




Made of high-grade material, which is durable, wear-resisting, anti-corrosion, and eco-friendly. Easy to operate, with strong stability and flying effect, suitable for indoor flying play. The RC Helicopter will automatically take off after starting up 3 seconds, intelligent hand induction helicopter magically flies above your hand.  You can use your hand to control it up and do Inductive suspension and collision protection, lightweight, easy-to-fly RC Toy with a simple operation especially for the beginner.


RC Helicopter will cut off the power automatically when the fan blade is hindered.  Will be a safer Flashing light on the bottom of the helicopter, which is cool and provides you with a special look Exquisite workmanship: the wings are flexible and not easy to break, so you will have so much fun with the flying helicopter. It’s rechargeable with a USB cable. USB charging makes it more convenient to use Material Type(s) Plastic Items.

Flying Sensor Helicopter - Tremote control | RC Toy




The  RC Helicopter adopts a metal body to enhance anti-collision and anti-drop performance, making the aircraft longer lifespan; and it’s very lightweight, with no serious damage or dysfunctional appearance after many times crashes. The aircraft has stuck protection, and there are colored LED lights when flying, very beautiful, your child will love it!



 RC Helicopter has a Cool red appearance. smooth line shape and fashion pattern make it popular in remote control toys field, and the LED lights very shine when flying, can make sure your helicopter easily find in dark. Best gift choice! Suitable for indoor flying ONLY.



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Re-Chargeable Flying Helicopter