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Children’s Microscope Toy – Science Experiment Suit

FunBlast kids pretend to play with toy microscope toys for kids. Educational microscope kit encourages scientific exploration and discovery. Kids microscope includes everything necessary for a child. So, to be introduced to science and get started dissecting specimens. This children’s Microscope Toy is available in a variety of colors. Science suit, Kids lab

Also, the magnification can be adjusted. By all means to help children enhance their interest in science. As well as the desire for exploration. Also to enhance parent-child communication with Science Experiment Suit.




Science Experiment Suit | Microscope Toy | Kids lab



Monocular viewing head with LED. With the adjustable angles design of the light and lens. Indeed, kids can observe the objects from the best perspective. KIDS LEARNING TOY- Microscope Toy Comes with a multi-piece accessory kit. Microscope Kits include Specimens of glass, Blank labels, Forceps, Plastic Containers, and 2 collection bottles.



Cultivate children’s interest in exploration. Enjoy the micro World. Increase children’s interest and together with knowledge of science.

The observation angle can be adjusted. So to protect the child’s spines and cultivate observation and concentration.

Multiple multiples, 100X / 400X / 1200X. Also can be changed. Indeed to meet the needs of elementary and middle school students.

Generally, the LED light source can be turned on. If there is insufficient light, and the light source can be adjusted. By using an LED light source additionally.

Integrated adjustment. Moreover, easy to adjust the focal length. Especially convenient and fast operation. Kids lab

Compatible with some tools. collection bottles, collection boxes, etc., perfect and practical.

It can increase parent-child interaction, help parent-child emotional accumulation, and strengthen communication.


more about Microscope Toy:

LED light source can be turned on if there is insufficient light, and the light source can be adjusted by using an LED light source. The observation angle can be adjusted to protect the child’s spines and cultivate observation and concentration.

  • Integrated adjustment, easy to adjust focal length, convenient and quick operation.
  • Warranty not applicable for this product



This is Microscope Toy and is recommended for kids’ pretend to play only. Requires 2 AA batteries (Not included).



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Toy Microscope


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