Vegetables & Cutting Fruit Set


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Fruits and Vegetables Cutting set. Play Kitchen Set Toy

This Fruits and Vegetables Cutting set has colorful plastic fruits, shaped like real ones. Which will give the children the feel of cutting a real fruit/Kitchen Set Toy. Each fruit can be sliced in half because they are connected with Velcro. It comes with a plastic knife, basket, and a Chopping Board for children to enjoy cutting. A nutrition guide gives the children valuable information about the fruits and their nutrients packed in them. Kitchen Set Toy


Fruits and Vegetables Cutting set | Kitchen Set Toy
Is a very creative toy for your kids to play with. It also improve their hands-on ability and imagination. Especially, great for education and for fun. They will remember the fruits and their individual appearance. It teaches them healthy eating and is enjoyable for kids.

Product Features:- 

Fruits and Vegetables Cutting set Includes different Colorful Toy Fruits. For Your Kids with Chopping Board and a Knife.
Each Fruit Can Be Sliced In Half Because They are Connected with Velcro.
Improves Their Hands-On Ability and Imagination. Nutrition Chart Educates Them About The Nutrition That They Get In Fruits.
Fun, Enjoyable and Educational Toys Which Will Keep Them Playing for Hours.
For Ages: 3 Years and Up. Colors and Contents May Slightly Vary.


Fun, an enjoyable and educational toy which will keep them playing for hours.; Includes 5 fruits toys. Bright & various colors draw toddlers’ attention and improve kids’ color cognition ability.
Fruits and Vegetables Cutting set



Color: Multi; Included Items: 5 Sliceable Fruits, 1 Chopping Board & 1 Knife. With the cute shapes and perfect size for kids, this fruit and vegetable cutting toy are perfect to develop kids’ cognitive ability, practical ability, and train their hand-eye coordination.



Improves their hands-on ability and imagination with Cutting set. The nutrition chart educates them about the nutrition that they get in fruits. Each fruit could be cut into half and attached again by kids very easily.


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Vegetables & Cutting Fruit Set