Water Proof Cotton Cot Sheet


Package Include; 1 Pc Cot Sheet

  • 100% waterproof and breathable
  • Ultra-soft and highly absorbent
  • The anti-allergy barrier protects against dust mites
  • Machine washable


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Cotton Cot Sheet – Waterproof Bedsheet

Cotton Cot Sheet is made out of High-quality material. Basically, it is comfortable against the baby’s skin. Breathable, waterproof, and washable altogether.  Light and portable in addition. Also, Waterproof design to prevent urine leakage. So perfect for use on a baby bed-soft pad.




Buy Mothercare Little Circus Fitted 2 Pack Jersey Cot Bed Sheets| Cotton Cot Sheet | soft pad



Ultra Soft microfiber Fabric & good Protection-The surface of the Cotton Cot Sheet is a soft and skin-friendly bamboo-soft pad-. The quilted design ensures the breathability and comfort of the bamboo liner. The organic bamboo fiber material is natural. In addition, comforts your baby’s delicate skin. Breathable and waterproof protection, provide excellent protection against fluids, urine, perspiration, dust, etc, noise-free and totally breathable TPU water resistance layer, and healthy baby-friendly bamboo fiber from nature.



4 LAYERS OF PROTECTION-Quilted comfortable and highly absorbent advanced 4 layer design makes the baby feel comfortable. High-density inner layers and the waterproof barrier gives baby peace of mind to rest, assured that your mattress is dry and protected all night. Cotton Cot Sheet


Wash Durable and Easy-care:

Neatly stitched for year-round durability and easy care for travel cot mattresses. Our mattress protector stands up well through 300 washes. Simply toss it into a washing machine or a dryer and have your peace of mind. For frequent accidents, buy 2 or more – while one is washing, the other one is in hand to protect your mattress & comfort your life.


Widely Use:

No matter you are at home or on the go and travel put it on a bed, a chair, a sofa, or on your lap, use it for your toddler or baby urine pad, adults with incontinence. this waterproof Cotton Cot Sheet gets the job done. Also can be used as a menstrual pad and blanket. You can fold it into a roll and take it to wherever you want!


Great gift for new parents!:

Travel Pad Anywhere – This pad is collapsible with a handle, can be suspended in strollers or hand-held. Clasp for easy storage design, easy to use, it is the essential supplies for both outside and home. No worry that there is no clean place for the baby lying when baby goes out, with this pad can effective to keep your baby away from the pollution of public places.


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Water Proof Cotton Cot Sheet