Animal Sponge Bottle Cover

  • Easy grasp the baby eyes, really stimulate the baby’s appetite, soft and comfortable materials,
  • The size of the bottle cartoon cover moderate,
  • Easy to carry
  • Your baby will love!
  • Keep the temperature of milk and protect the bottle from damage


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Feeding Milk Bottle cover – Animal sponge

Milk Bottle cover keeps the temperature of the milk and protect the bottle from damage. Transparent scale design, you can know how much milk the baby drinks at any time. This adorable plush baby bottle cover helps babies learn to hold the bottle by themselves, he/she was able to hold the bottle by holding the rabbit’s front legs. They are great for nighttime or car rides, your baby will love it as a stuffed animal and focus on eating more. Animal sponge





 Milk Bottle cover | Animal sponge |




















Made with soft and comfortable Polar Fleece, and high-quality cotton as filler. Without adverse components. Very soft and easy for little hands to hold, and you can throw it in the washing machine to clean it. Take Milk Bottle cover to accompany your baby to grow up healthily and happily.


Obviously, it is a completely lovely Milk Bottle cover with 2 long ears, 4 short legs. And it has a crack on its stomach. It’s for easy observation of how much liquid is left in the bottle. Moreover It helps you to do a good job as a mother/father.



Every time you’re out, it will make help on keeping the liquid warm for more long time. So you no need to worry about your kid will drink cold water. Coldwater is terrible for kids’ health. And with that go outside, someone will compliment you on how cute this rabbit bottle cover is. It also protects the bottle from falling.


Advantages of Bunny Feeding Bottle Cover:

  • Adorable and soft baby bottle cartoon Milk Bottle cover, can catch your baby’s eyes easily and really work up an appetite, soft and comfortable material and cute bunny, moderate in size, easy for them to carry, your baby will surely love it!
  • It is practical to keep the milk or water warm and protect fragile bottles from crashes or damage, can also be used as toys; easy to clean, non-slip. A transparent scale design is convenient for you to know how much milk or water is left at any time.




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Animal Sponge Bottle Cover