Bottle Brush

Baby two-piece bottle brush with hook sponge head paper card packaging bottle cleaning accessories.

High-density sponge brush, clean and free from dead ends

Is a must-have product for housewives

Package Included:

1 * bottle brush (2pcs)


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Long Handled Bottle Brush with Sponge Scrub

With an extra-wide brush end for reaching hard-to-clean areas. The Closer to Nature bottle and Bottle Brush is specially designed in two pieces. Indeed for cleaning bottles and Sponge Scrub. Durable nylon bristles and a non-slip handle make bottle cleaning easy and effective. So help you reach the hard-to-reach areas with ease. bottle cleaner in detail.




Bottle Brush | Sponge Scrub |



  • Special anti-fungal brush hair can effectively limit bacteria growth, surely reassure us to use.
  • Extra-long bristles allow for suitability for openings large and small certainly.
  • PET husk, green-environmental protection safety and non-toxic.
  • A nylon brush – Sponge Scrub can be disinfected at high temperatures without any distortion.
  • 360-degree turn, preventing rust and shedding, makes bottle cleaning easy and effective


  • Give your baby high quality and guaranteed safety. From feeding gear to baby accessories, they have it all. Now, with the Anti-Bacterial Bottle cleaning Brush. You can keep all your feeding gear clean and pristine.
  • Maintaining a certain level of hygiene for babies and their accessories is of vital importance to ensure their healthy growth and development. The bottles used for feeding the baby need to be kept clean and sterilized to avoid contamination due to harmful bacteria and fungi.
  • The bottle cleaner and Nipple Brush will help you keep your baby’s feeding bottles clean so that you can use them as and when you require them. This Brush is equipped with a Revolving Handle, making it convenient to twist the brush while cleaning the bottle. The Nipple and Cleaning Brush are attached along with this Bottle Brush. Compatible with all baby bottles, this Bottle and



For Easy Cleaning

This brush is really convenient and makes cleaning easier due to its long stem brush and sponge end. The bristles are securely attached and are built for lots of scrubbing, and the sponge makes it easy to access those niche areas.


Perfect For Bottles

The design of this brush is perfect for bottles – whether it be water bottles, baby bottles or any jars that are narrow to access with a normal scourer.



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Bottle Brush