Helmet Model Head Protector

Material: Cotton + High Elasticity Sponge Pattern

Type: Cartoon Hat

Circumference(approximately): 42-58cm

Suitable Age: 6 months – 4 years baby

Package Include: 1 x Kids Safety Helmet


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Baby Head Protector – Sponge Helmet

Designed to protect baby from harsh bumps on the forehead, side of the head, and back of the head while learning to crawl and walk. Beautifully crafted Baby Head Protector made from the highest density foam. The strap of this protective hat is fully adjustable to fit any baby’s or toddler’s head. The best Sponge Helmet.




Baby Head Protector | protective hat | Sponge Helmet |



Covered in a washable, child-like print.
Light and comfortable to wear.
Flexible, foldable and can easily fit into handbags, pushchairs, and pockets.



1. It can effectively alleviate the impact and protect the baby’s back of the head, and protect the health and safety of infants and young children.
2. Baby Head Protector is a very soft, comfortable breathable, and lightweight toddler protection helmet.
3. For your active kids who are learning to walk, crawl and stand, the head protector helmet can definitely save them from multiple bumps and bruises.


Material: Cotton, high elasticity environmental sponge.
Hat Circumference: 43 * 58cm/17-23in, It is adjustable.
Applicable Age: 6-60 months
Applicable Scope: Suitable for infants who are learning to crawl, walk and play.
Suitable Seasons: Spring, summer, autumn, winter. protective hat


Package Included:

1 x Baby Head Protector/safety helmet


  • Baby Ages: baby ages 6-60 months with adjustable strap, for a baby who begins to learn to crawl or walk. with head protector circumference of 17 inches ~ 23 inches.
  • The function of Baby Head Protector Helmet: this baby bump protective helmets walking suit infant who learns to crawl, walk and play, to protect the baby head when toddler fall down and keep infant head away from the collision.
  • Tips for adjusting the baby’s safety helmet: The head protector cap has an adjustable harness and wide Velcro at the back which allows you to overlap it quite a bit.



This baby head protective hat toddler safety helmet can’t be used as a professional baby safety helmet, so please use the professional safety helmets when riding on a bicycle, electric bike, and motor bicycle and playing outdoors, and please take care of the baby even wear this child walking helmet. Please keep the baby away from the heat sources and sharp things.



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