Bike Safety Belt


  • Set your heart at rest with a high load-bearing capacity.


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Child Motorcycle Harness – Bike Safety belt

Kids Bike Safety belt-Motorcycle Harness. Kids must be able to touch the pegs while seated. This kid motorcycle safety harness makes the kid sit pretty close and keeps small children safe on the ATV. Holds the child secure so that you can use both hands to control the machine. safety strap.





Bike Safety belt | Motorcycle Harness


For making driving in tandem with children easier.

● Children often fall asleep in the back seat of a motorcycle. It’s true that can’t stop right away like a highway. Of course, sleeping on the road is very dangerous, so it must be avoided.

● Anyone riding a motorcycle must have experienced one or two fallings. It will be worse driving in tandem with children.

● Bike Safety belt, Motorcycle Harness is, with its own “backing plate structure and front and rear independent seat belt system”, it is a new tandem belt.

● The backing plate structure and the independent front and rear belt system. Undoubtedly helps sleeping passengers (children) to maintain.


Feeling safe and comfortable without interference with a belt on your head and neck.

● If you just want to use a belt to hold the shoulder of the driver and the passenger without the backing plate, the belt you wear may interfere with the head and neck. It’s not just a nasty feeling to put on, and also a dangerous situation.

● Bike Safety belt, Motorcycle Harness is a tandem belt with a respectively independent structure to hold the shoulder of the driver and the passenger. Because the connection position can be selected randomly, the belt does not interfere with the head and neck when driving.

● Eliminating the awareness of discomfort


Fitting your body perfectly! The four-layer backing plate structure

● Use a four-layer backing plate on the back of the driver and the passenger to eliminate the flaw of the Bike Safety belt! Maintain the comfort that suits your body.

● The backing plate is made of, a two-layer, 420 denier nylon OX with excellent durability and plectrums, 5mm thick high polyethylene sheet, which is very load-bearing.

● In addition, the back of the backing plate is covered with polyester mesh with good ventilation, which has the effect of inhibiting sweating. safety strap



  • Material: Cotton Polyester Oxford
  • Ages:1~12 years old children
  • Please note that a slight color difference should be acceptable due to the light and screen.
  • Package:1PC /Bike Safety belt


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Bike Safety Belt