Ben 10 Stunt Car

  • Light and Sound
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Performs stunts
  • 2 Colours to choose from


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Rechargeable BEN 10 Stunt Car Remote Control Car

Impress your buddies with mind-boggling BEN 10 Stunt Car. With this remote-controlled stunt car. So Experience the thrill of 360° spins and awesome flips. with an expert flick of the dual joystick control. Also Rechargeable. left, right, forward, and reverse mode and can even make up your own stunts. Cool Detailing with Remote Control. The highly detailed features of this car make it all the more attractive. It is equipped with fully-functional headlights. Silicon tires, and simulated spoke-type wheels. Back tires are also fitted with colorful flashing lights. Perfect for Gifting. Equipped with so many awesome features. This Musical amazing stunt Rc Cars are an ideal gift for kids aged 3 years and above.




BEN 10 Stunt Car | Remote Control | Rc Cars | Rechargeable

  • The Rc Cars are special because of its beautiful-looking model car. Made of clean abs plastic having superior build quality. The size of the car is 1:24 scale model
  • Multifeatured remote with forwarding and backward buttons functionality. strong sculpted lines and bold design gives this car an exotic appearance
  • It is also fast and attractive enough to keep your naughty one busy for hours on end
  • Perfect birthday gift for kids.
  • It moves and operates with brilliant flashing multi-color led lights and presents itself with creative and imaginative movements by the use of the arc remote, which makes it a very special arc product

More about BEN 10 Stunt Car

  • Light and Sound
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Performs stunts
  • 1*Rc Cars
  • 1*USBCable
  • Remote control distance:about8-10m
  • Remotecontroltime: About20minutes
  • Functions: 360-degreetumblingrotation,forwardandbackward,colorfullights,4wheels,dynamicmusic



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    Ben 10 Stunt Car