Baby Walking Belt


The safety straps and High-quality buckles are adjustable


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Baby Walking belt –Baby Walker 

Baby Walking belt learns to walk first steps. Help your baby to stabilize so that he learns to walk autonomously and safely. You will find everything in accessories and the best walking and safety products. Also Baby Walker comes with safety harness.




Baby Walking belt | safety harness


Main Features:

– Indeed, Baby Walking belt will facilitate the learning process of your child. Since it will help your baby to stabilize so that he learns to walk autonomously and safely.
– Maintains a correct posture from the first steps undoubtedly.
– This safety harness will prevent back pain while helping the baby in the process altogether.


Child safety is always the first

The sturdy shoulder strap is designed to prevent accidents, and the thick cotton pad makes the baby feel more comfortable. Non-toxic and soft skin-friendly cotton material, comfortable to touch, to avoid harm to children. Baby Walker 

Color and pattern design are suitable for both boys and girls

Neutral green, cute puppy pattern design, suitable for both male and female babies. Similarly, bright colors make it easier to attract the baby’s eye. Arouse the baby’s interest in learning to walk with Baby Walking belt

Features of Baby Walking belt

Prevent children from falling and being hurt
Help the child learn to stand
Establish self-confidence for infants and toddlers
Reduce the back pain caused by parents and grandparents training baby walking

Toddler belt for infants of different ages surprisingly.e
The Baby Walking belt’s shoulder straps are adjustable, so you can easily adjust the size of your baby, so it is suitable for babies of different weights. The crotch can be removed for easy cleaning. The toddler belt that removes the crotch will become a short toddler belt.


1. Before each use of the toddler belt, check that all safety buckles are buckled.
2. The length of the shoulder strap and the length of the socket strap should be adjusted to the proper position before use.
3. Clean care: warm water and neutral detergent, gently rub, reoccupy clear water are repeated cleaning, then dry it.Not machine washable.
4. No tugging or twisting little arms. And make sure the plastic locks are tightened. Baby Walker 



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Baby Walking Belt