Adjustable Feeding Pillow


It can be used as a baby nest,
a relaxation cushion, mom’s side sleep pillow,
and baby sleeping position pillow


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Nursing Pillow-Maternity Breastfeeding Pillow 

The nursing pillow can provide soft and comfortable support for your Infant baby while breastfeeding. Adjustable height allows you to choose the right height and feel more comfortable. Easy for a mom to make it the best fit to the baby in different age groups and manage processes. Mom and baby can maintain ideal positioning while breastfeeding, protect baby from choking. Large size, you can let the baby comfortable lying on it, not easy to slip away.




Breastfeeding Pillow | Infant



  • Using this breast feeding pillows for babies as a pregnancy full body pillow , you will finally be able to sleep comfortably, and greatly relieve fibromyalgia, ankle pain, and sciatica.
  • Use only 47 inches’ body pillow as a resting pillow to offer more support for the head, neck, shoulder, leg, and ankle.


  • The nursing pillow provides alleviating strain to mom’s back, neck, and arms by lifting your baby to a more ergonomic position when breastfeeding.
  • This uniquely layered Breastfeeding Pillow easily adjusts, so you can find comfortable positions for you and your baby. This pillow will help make nursing your baby comfortable and easy, even as they grow.

Easy to Carry the Breastfeeding Pillow

  • Facilitate our travel,
  • Easy to store, when taking the child for a walk; we can put it on the stroller and release your hands 

Adjust as your little one grows

  • This pillow can be used as your Infant grows and the flexible design allows you to breastfeed in multiple different positions. Nursing is possible with baby across your lap (cradle and cross-cradle) or at your side (football or clutch hold).
  • YOU HAVE OPTIONS: Works for multiple feeding styles—cradle, cross cradle, football hold, bottle feeding

Breathable Material

  • The full body pregnancy Breastfeeding Pillow use unique Bionic Polyethylene filling without smelling ,which is extra soft,breathable and high density.

Asy-to-Clean and compact pillow

  • Easy-to-clean and compact design folds compactly with tidy ribbon closure ,Machine washable and can be dried on tumble dry low setting;


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Adjustable Feeding Pillow


Out of stock