Shower Cap

  • Unisex Product
  • When washing your baby’s hair, water will not run into your baby’s eyes, ear and face
  • Protects your baby’s or toddler’s eyes from shampoo and water during bathing time 
  • When rinsing hair, this versatile shampoo cap/shield prevents shampoo and water from stifling/choking your baby as they are not able to hold or control their breaths
  • Wearing the shampoo cap is an added safety precaution as shampooing becomes more manageable for both the child and the caregiver
  • Ultra-soft state of the art eco-friendly material with good elasticity
  • Comfortable and flexible for repeated use


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Baby Shower Cap, Adjustable Waterproof – Bath Cap 

Now with the availability of this Adjustable Baby Shower Cap. Both the mother and baby can enjoy the loving and bonding time even at the most fearful and tearful bath times. So hurry and get these versatile eco-friendly Baby Hair Washing Visor Hat for your kids today. And make bath time the best times of their lives with Bath Cap. 




This unique Baby Shower Cap is designed to fit head circumference, with the use of advanced soft flexible resin made from environmentally friendly materials, which are soft and comfortable and will not hurt your baby’s skin, thus giving your baby the best protection a mother can give. Your baby or toddler no longer needs to close his/her eyes as the Adjustable Baby Hair Washing Visor Hat makes shampooing a fun and delightful experience for your kids.


Baby Shower Cap Wash Hair Shield Soft Foam Adjustable Bathing Bath Protector Hat For Children Kids Infant: Baby Hair Washing | Visor Hat 

Adjustable Baby Shower Cap | Visor Hat | Baby Hair Washing



Adjustable Hair Washing Shampoo Shield

The shampoo cap can be adjusted in size, is soft and elastic, so it fits the skin easily and is comfortable.

Elastic Silicone and rim, easy to slip on and off tot’s head, no water leakage.

Suitable for head circumference above 38.

Suitable for ages – infants above 6 months.

Cleaning tips – Just wash the baby shower cap with soapy water, and the baby shampoo cap does not absorb water.



1. Before first use, please rinse with water and adjust the size of the cap according to the baby’s head circumference.

2. From the top down into the child’s head, the hair must be outwards but ears and eyes below the cap.

3. Begin to wash the head, the water flow from the hat’s edge.



Protect your baby or toddler’s eyes, mouth, and nose from shampoo and water. Your baby can open eyes and breathe freely while washing hair through Baby Shower Cap.

Thick design:

The shampoo cap thickens, making the child feel soft and comfortable. Enough elasticity, will not be deformed after wearing, can be reused for a long time.



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