Nose Cleaner

100% Brand new and high quality.

The soft suction nozzle can protect baby’s tender nostrils, let baby feel extra comfortable.

Suction is easy to control, simple to operate Easy cleaning, parts can be dismantled, convenient and sanitary.

Safe for newborns and toddlers.

Applicable for nasal mucus.

Recommended by Doctors.


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Baby Nose Cleaner – Nasal Aspirator

Baby Nose Cleaner hygienically clears mucus from around the baby’s blocked, and stuffy nose with ease. It is here to ensure that your child doesn’t suffer from a snotty, blocked nose. Nasal Aspirator generally cleans the baby’s blocked nose. Simply hold the nozzle up to one nostril, press the other nostril gently with your fingertip, squeeze the pump ball and gently reduce pressure. This will extract mucus from your baby’s nose leaving them with a clear, snot-free nose. It comes with a replacement nozzle. nose sucker is easy and safe to use.




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Directions for using Nasal Aspirator

Squeeze the pump ball and then gently hold the nozzle to one nostril. Press the other nostril carefully with your fingertip. Gently reduce pressure on the pump ball to extract mucus into the nozzle, leaving the nose clear with Baby Nose Cleaner.

Safety Warning

Do not insert a nozzle of nose sucker into the nasal passage as this may cause injury. The nozzle comes off. Clean pump ball and nozzle thoroughly after use with warm water. Do not sterilize in a microwave oven or steam sterilizer as the decongestant may explode.

Box Contains

1 x Baby Nose Cleaner



How to Use:

1. With suction in hand, be sure the tip is facing away from you and the ball of the suction is grasped between all five fingers of your hand.

2. Next, use your thumb to press the very bottom flat part of the suction inward. Do this away from the baby. This pushes the air completely out of the suction first.

3. After pushing the bottom of the suction in, do not release. Hold the Baby Nose Cleaner steady just like this. With your other hand, very gently hold your baby’s head in place while inserting the tip of the suction into the nostril.

4. Once the tip is in the proper position in the baby’s nostril, release the bottom of the suction. The suction will then pull the phlegm from the baby’s nose.




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Nose Cleaner