86Pcs Building Blocks Set

It is Safe for Kids.
This building toy is made of solid transparent ABS
Absolutely nontoxic, not easy to break or snap. 


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86Pcs Building Blocks Set –Building Construction

This Building Blocks Set Is Made in India High-Quality Polypropylene Soft Plastic. It Is Very Easy To Make With Its Interlocking Feature. This Toy Is Non-Toxic. Building Block Toy Strengthens Child’s Fingers & Hands And It Improves Eye-Hand Coordination. It Encourages Child To Make Friends & Cooperate By Making Different Shape Which Improves Interaction and Imagination. This is an educational toy.




Building Blocks Set | educational toy


It Also Improves Creativity By Making Their Own Designs With Blocks. It Also Develops the Intellectual Capacity Of The Child By Improving Mathematics Skills And Geometry Skills. This Set of Blocks Contains 86 pcs of Non-Toxic Colourful Blocks.

  • Bright colors and wonderful design Building Blocks Set
  • Helps your child to understand the art of creating interesting objects of different sizes and shapes.
  • Based on the lock-system fixing technique which allows tight connections of separate pieces.
  • Great for your kids.
  • Great Birthday, Christmas, Party Gift for Kids.

Bright and colorful Building Block for kids

Bring bright, attractive, and colorful blocks for the little ones. These will work as border buster, kids will enjoy and playing with these makes them busy for long hours. This Building Block comes in a zippered packet with a handle, which makes it very convenient to store the blocks and carry them from one place to another. Building Blocks Set

Invest in Blocks

Building and knocking down a small block tower at age 2 can teach a child shapes while helping her develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity. Building and knocking down a large clock tower at age 4 teach a child math, physics, and science skills, persistence, and hand-eye coordination. It also encourages him to work cooperatively while problem-solving.

Benefits of such open-end toys

Building Blocks Set stimulates a child’s imagination and improves learning skills while encouraging discovery, fine motor skills.

Open-ended play encourages social development and social interaction while also developing cognitive skills. Children have to discuss and negotiate how to use the multipurpose toy. The social and developmental gains made by open-ended play far exceed those made by directed play. educational toy



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86Pcs Building Blocks Set


Out of stock