6 PCS Cloth Books Set


Contribute to the baby’s development.

Can be given as a gift.

The baby’s first book set is perfect for ages 0-3 years. 


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6 PCS Cloth Books for Babies – Crinkle Books

Baby first book teaches your little one how different things feel by touch with these soft Cloth Books. Reading this soft book gives you a chance to bond with your baby. A warm moment together. The bright colors and shapes of the soft baby book will give them lots of pleasure and they will enjoy every moment. They will discover new concepts that will hold their attention and attract their curiosity. Best educational toy for kids indeed. A Crinkle Books as well.




  • Cloth Books for babies have educational value as they are educational toy. Because it develops the baby’s brain by introducing them to important concepts. Each book for babies focuses on a different category: shapes, colors, numbers, people, animals, and food.
  • The inner layer makes a wrinkly nose. The noise is pleasant and also helps develop the sense of hearing. The baby enjoys touching it because it’s made of soft and smooth fabric. The baby’s motor skills will improve when they hold the infant book and turn the pages. The soft cloth book is suitable for the baby to play with alone, but can also be played with adults. It is great for both games, as the book is water-resistant. Cloth Books



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 Baby Cognition Fabric Book(6 PCS)with Gitf box,Wholethings Intelligence Development Animal Cloth Book Learning & Activity Toys for Kids Baby : educational toy | Crinkle Books

Soft fabric surfaces

Your Baby Deserves the Best, We made these books to the highest standards. Special cloth design, durable, washable, not easy to be torn. A high-quality interlayer is a sponge (pinch up very soft) . Light as a feather, Light as a feather. Since babies put everything into their mouths, we ensure that the cotton fabric is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and has strong stitching so he or she can play with them safely. They’re washable which is a plus for little ones who like to chew and drool on things. Cloth Books


Touchable textures

There are 6 baby Cloth Books. crinkle paper, bell, and BB device.

Soft baby books filled with PVC sound papers, Feels will be issued a plastic rustling of paper, Attract your baby’s attention. and the rattle/bell sound can help improve your audio recognition and motor skills.




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6 PCS Cloth Books Set