Assemble Truck


Condition: Brand new
Suitable age: 3 years old and above
Color: Red


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Wooden Toy Truck – Assembly Game

Easy to assemble every 3-year-old boy Wooden Toy Truck is designed to ensure child safety. Both the surface and the edges are smooth, so you can ease your fear of cuts or debris. Our tool carts are manufactured to the highest standards to reassure parents. While their children are playing with every part of the toy. Assembly Game Building Set.



They will like to assemble toy cars and stay away from TVs, computers, and mobile phones. They will be in the stage of breaking up things. This is true even for things that cannot be broken down. How they put the tool handle in the bottom of the truck to make it move is very interesting. It will also make a sound.


You can use the Wooden Toy Truck that comes with the product to disassemble and reassemble the car. Assembling, disassembling, vivid images of various parts, and being connected with reality, cultivated the baby’s hands-on awareness from an early age, and practiced its actual operation ability. Moreover, the baby can recognize the name and function of the tool from an early age. The process of color recognition and various simulation games, not only trained the flexibility of the baby’s finger muscles but also strengthened the practice of fine movements.




Wooden Toy Truck | Assembly Game | Building Set |


High-quality wood:

carefully polished, smooth, burr-free, does not hurt the baby’s hand, solid wood, durable. Building Set


It is a wooden building toy

Wooden Toy Truck super dexterity, creativity, imagination, problem-solving, and patience. Great way to train a child for an engineer’s mind from an early age.


Suitable for 4 years plus.

In order to make something of the shapes and designs, young children would need help from an adult, to begin with. It is always advisable that an adult supervise and enjoy the interaction of children with this Wooden Toy Truck.


Hands-on play helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and manual dexterity. As young builders try different ways to connect the brightly colored pieces, they are learning problem-solving skills, as well as color and shape recognition, and counting skills. Wooden Toy Truck



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Assemble Truck


Out of stock