Rainbow Wooden Column


  • Wonderfully colored shape sorting toy consists of 7 pieces,
  • Shape sorter board toy includes squares, triangles, circular shapes


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Wooden Rainbow column – stackable toy

This stacking game with stackable toy – Rainbow column set.  Specifically designed to cultivate children’s cognition of color and number and hand-eye coordination. It features bright and non-glaring colors. Which indeed can attract kids’ attention. This wooden stacker toy is made from durable and child-safe materials. Also delivering exceptional quality and value. It makes an exceptional gift for kids 18 months and up to round out the hands-on. So screen-free play experience is given.



  • Education & Entertainment – Wooden Rainbow Shape Sorter contains rainbow colors. 3 geometric shapes of the circular, rectangle, triangle altogether.
  • Aim To Help Kids Learn Shapes, Colors, and Numbers
  • Multiple Gameplay Rainbow column wooden toy – Different kinds of blocks can be creatively stacked and effective. Especially improve the baby’s imagination. Rainbow is easy to stack too.
  • There is Institutional obstruction for rectangle and triangle column tower
  • Shape Sorter Toys – Funny educational toys with various colors and shapes are suitable for 2 3 4 years old kids.
  • Helping to improve color recognition and shapes through play. So while exercising the kid’s space concept and hand-eye coordination ability.
  • Safe To Use – All geometric blocks are made of high-quality natural wood. So use safe and environmentally friendly water-based paint, non-toxic, completely harmless to children.
  • Shape sorter board toy includes squares. Triangles, circular shapes combining them in various cuts make the puzzle altogether.
  • 1 rainbow ring tower

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Indeed through cognitive simple geometric shapes & colors, and stack between blocks. Moreover, letting kids’ imagination free, exercises the kid’s hand-eye coordination ability and logical thinking ability without a doubt.


Shape Their Skills

Disks, squares, and octagons slide onto the three wooden pegs. Also from big to small and warm to cool or cool to warm colors. Indeed the Rainbow column is a charming toy about size, color, and sequencing stacking game.


Parent-Child Interaction

The shape stacking toy contains 3 different geometric shapes and 6 different bright colors. Parents can help children learn different knowledge and shapes. Rainbow column


Perfect Gift

The Rainbow column is Perfect For Gifts, Room Decoration, toys, Learning Tools. Easy to store in large-capacity backpacks and travel bags. People of all ages like it.



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Rainbow Wooden Column