Bath Net

Safety Warning Baby Products
Size As the Photo Shown
Package Included 1 X Baby Bath Tub Seat
Material PP Environmental Protection Material + Cotton Blend


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Baby Bath Net – Seat Support, Bathing infant seat

The bath net is a layer of net-like fabric. Also which is fixed on the baby bathtub by a buckle.  The more common bath nets are T-shaped and cross-shaped. You can upgrade ordinary baby bathtubs for a small amount of money.  The baby seat is able to maintain a semi-lying position with his head always above the water. Adults don’t have to support their babies.

To configure the inner support for the baby bathtub, you need to pay attention to its size. Before you buy it, you have to know whether the bath bed is suitable for your baby bath, whether it is too big to fit in, or if it is too small, there is a danger of tipping over. Bath Net




Bath Net | baby seat

Bath Net | baby seat


















Baby Safety Bath Net Bed Adjustable
Novel cross-shaped baby safety bathing net bed
A good assistant when bathing the baby, get rid of your worry that the baby may have the hazard
Perfect for the newborn baby, let baby enjoy safety bath
Easily installed and convenient to store
Padded design provide maximum comfort
Anti-skid and give your baby a cozy massage bath
Adjustable length fits your bathtub size. Bath Net



Breathable fabric, comfortable and quick-drying. The fabric adopts a 3D honeycomb structure, which is breathable, soft, and non-slip. This baby Bath Net is only for a more comfortable bathing experience for babies. The thick foam pillow protects the small head. It is made of soft and high-elastic foamable cotton material to prevent the baby from hitting his head. It is safe and comfortable to take a bath.



Three-point structure, stable support altogether. The triangular support ensures stability. So no need to hold hands, the baby does not slide down, and novice mothers can easily bathe the baby. It feels as comfortable as being wrapped in a mother’s womb. Undoubtedly without edges and corners, and is comfortable without crying. In order to protect the baby’s spine, the baby bath seat/Bath Net is designed to more fit to baby’s spine. So does no harm to the baby’s spine, and is more comfortable.



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