Baby Head Shaping Pillow


Cotton combined with the very high-quality memory foam
Improve the quality of your child’s sleep 


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Baby Head Shaping Pillow – Newborn Pillow

RECOMMENDED BY PEDIATRICIANS AND OSTEOPATHS: Head Shaping Pillow, Helps skull to recover its shape thanks to its design and BASF memory foam (top German Quality). Designed to provide the perfect posture of the head and back. The perfect infant pillow/Newborn Pillow.




Perfect Head Shaping Pillow line has been designed to embrace your baby’s head delicately yet effectively.

  • Why is it the most comfortable? – To ensure maximum safety and at the same time have excellent results in the prevention of Positional Plagiocephaly, we have used the best memory foam on the market, which makes the pillows light and above all, thin, so as not to change the baby’s posture.
  • Not just a pillow: By purchasing Head you will also receive a spare pillowcase and a practical bag to carry the pillow always with you and keep it clean.
  • Conscious use: To ensure safety, we recommend using Head pillows under the supervision of an adult for the first 6 months of life (or until the baby is able to roll over on his own).


Head is the ideal pillow for children on the move; comfortable and compact, it can be carried anywhere!

  • Ideal use is in the stroller or carriages
  • Suitable up to 12 months
  • Always clean and ready to use, comes with a second pillowcase!
  • You will be able to carry it anywhere, thanks to its practical bag!

To ensure safety, we recommend the use of Perfect Head pillows under adult supervision during the first 6 months of life or until the baby has learned to roll over by himself.



  • Removable Head Shaping Pillow case
  • Machine washable at 30°C (pillowcase only)
  • Warning: do not wash the Memory Foam!



The ideal position is the supine position. So facilitated by the groove in the center of the infant pillow.

However, should the child move. The Memory Foam will help distribute the skull’s pressure evenly over the entire Head Shaping Pillow.




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Baby Head Shaping Pillow